July 24, 2017

There has been much shaking in the Spirit and in the natural, and after shaking comes revival ~ and New Zealand is called as a forerunner in the Pacific and in the world in this revival….

Tonight is a holy night, closing out the first half of 2005 in a few hours – There are many Angels walking in our midst tonight ~there is an excitement in heaven right now over what is about to occur in the South Pacific. Something is switching in the heavens and in the Holy Spirit over this place tonight, there is a change in the Spiritual atmosphere. Things are going to happen very quickly in the remainder of 2005. “2005 the dead will come alive”

There has been much shaking in the Spirit and in the natural, and after shaking comes revival ~and New Zealand is called as a forerunner in the Pacific and in the world in this revival.

God is going to use New Zealand as a forerunner in revival to India and areas of Asia affected by the Tsunami in Dec 2004. Psalm 149 Warfare will increase, but it will not be in our flesh, but it will be in co-operation with the Holy Spirit and with his Angels. After the 9.3 earthquake in Indonesia in Dec 2004 the Holy Spirit said, “From this point on things are not going to stop shaking” around the globe, because there is a war going on in the Spirit right now.

God is turning New Zealand upside down with the Glory of the Lord: Things will change very quickly from this night, and we will not be able to minister in the flesh but a new wave of the Spirit. We are not going to know where we are going from one day to the next, but be prepared, there is going to be alot of travel in the latter half of 2005. God is moving us by the wind of His Spirit to be in the place that we should be. It is going to be a supernatural move of the Holy Spirit, We need to get used to doing things differently, in the way of the Holy Spirit.

The Islands around the Pacifi8c are shaking, NZ is shaking, but there is a fast turning as we enter June. Tonight this is a significant gathering, a gathering of His Eagles; there are many Generals in the Spirit here tonight. In a prophetic sense this is significant.

We are not called to sit on the sidelines and observe history but we are called to be history makers as we work with the Holy Spirit. Dont be caught off guard by the shakings but walk in the Spirit. The latter part of 2005 will see mighty shakings but also great breakthrough. Just like Daniel after three weeks the Angel broke through the veil of darkness so here the veil of darkness is rent and the Angels are walking amongst us. Because tonight if you can see in the Spirit you will see the many Angels here, the veil of darkness is broken, they are not still trying to break through but have broken through. Something has changed in the Spirit Angels are rejoicing over the Islands of the Sea, and not one life needs to be lost in the coming shaking if we stay alert and intercede as the Lord directs.

There are strong warnings for New Zealand to stay alert, a season of prayer and fasting in obedience to the Lord to0 discern the seasons. Warnings to stay alert to divert the shakings live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. The walls are coming down, we need to enter into unity ~Focus on unity; expand the borders of our vision in the latter half of 2005. Because there is such supernatural provision being released as we enter this open heaven.

He is rising up Eagles in the Spirit right now in New Zealand and we are not going to need 747’s always to be where God wants us to be, as we move into a translation glory like Phillip. To get the job done we are going to walk in things we have never seen or experienced. When the Lord steps into a city or a Nation we get lots of backup. We move in Authority, the Lord is releasing Gifts of Authority in NZ right now. If you can see in the Spirit you will see the robes he is clothing you with right now.

Not one life needs to be lost as the forces of light and darkness clash over the Pacific, God will honour these prayers. The Lord will decrease the magnitude of the shaking in the natural but increase the shaking in the Spirit in response to your intercession. And begin to release a harvest in this region. There is a release in New Zealand that will affect India, that will affect the Islands of the sea, YWAM is shaking right now other organisations are shaking right now in this region, revivalists are being sent back to their roots, to the Schools they have come out of, to bring refreshing and to bring reformation. The glory is falling on the entire work of YWAM even unto Hawaii to the work begun in Hawaii.

The Lord is sending ambassadors from New Zealand even unto Hawaii to stir up the Spirit of revival in 2005. The Lord is bringing together the different parts of His army! Don’t miss the ship! There are mercy ships ~a wave of mercy being released, and a reversing of the curse! Releasing peace, so that not even one soul will be lost in the Shaking. The Lord says the great shaking is at hand, but the Angels are fighting for the Islands of the sea. Angels will walk amongst many churches and ministries to see things turned around. In the South Pacific.

The Lord is appointing TV cameras to capture the Glory in New Zealand, The Lord wants to display what he is doing in NZ. Because He is proud of His Eagles here in New Zealand. The Lord will send through many different media the word of the Lord from New Zealand, to all the earth

There is a shaking coming from the heart of New Zealand and the Lord is sending ripples out, healing ripples from New Zealand, Ripples that roll across the Isles of the Sea, there is something tangible going out from this place tonight. Even into Australia, Polynesia, Philippines, Indonesia, and India, there are waves of Glory rolling out from this place even tonight.

As the shaking intensifies the Lord is bringing down strongholds. Enter into the joy of the Lord with Worship. The enemy’s kingdom is very fragile, and we need to be aware that worship breaks it down. We need to enter into worship without fear in our heart, just as the Angels walking amongst us tonight are walking without fear. They are not worried about paying the rent or relationships as we are but they walk without fear in the joy of the Lord. Its in this joy that we see the dead raised and awesome healings.

Starting tonight (May 31st 2005) its an entirely different ball park. The Lord is opening up things that would have been impossible up until now. Focus on spending time with the Lord ~serious relationship time.

Some of you will go to Australia as God prepares to shake the big Island of Australia. Some will go to Polynesia, some to North Korea and Asia ~and for some of you, you will go in the Spiritual before you go in the Natural, translated for His purpose, this will happen through intercession.

The Lord is releasing crowns and new garments on different people, a royal sash around ~releasing favour so that even the demons will know and see the Authority you have. Something is changing in the Spirit in this hour. The Lord wants us to sow in tears of intercession for NZ. Its time for walking the Land, walking the coastlands, interceding for the souls that are lost. Seek the Lords heart for the harvest in the South Pacific, and you will sow in tears for this harvest. Just like Jesus sowed in the garden.

New Zealand will release Principalities and powers off many lands and release many nations into the deliverance they are crying out for.

The Clock is being turned back, and grace is being released over the South Pacific. That which could have been cataclysmic will now be held back. He is shielding His revivalists and shielding his Eagles so that they can be equipped. Don’t miss the Ship! Don’t miss the Ship!

The Lord is moving upon people and upon YWAM and waves of glory are being released. Right now stirring up young revivalists and young messengers of fire and glory being sent out now!

I see the Lord walking through the Churches of New Zealand. He is cleaning house! As focus goes off mammon and onto His glory, God is going to bring healing even to the economy of NZ. Even into the real estate and the business, there is a turnaround as the Lord kicks out the money changers in His church, to clean out corruption. The Lord is about to release an explosion of Provision into his obedient Church for His work.

There is a wave of healing being released across NZ tonight, things are changing, and Old are becoming young again in order to complete the work as waves of healing are released. The Lord is releasing a Spirit of unity in Marriages in NZ and he is doing a new work in marriage that has been under attack in NZ. The Lord is destroying the Spirit of Divorce in NZ and it is being kicked out of the nation.

Ministry partnerships are being put together around the world for this glory from New Zealand. From New Zealand there is a release of glory, a shaking that will bring millions of souls into the kingdom of God in India. Generational curses are being broken over the Eagles, and these Eagles will pick up serpents in their talons and drop them in the great Abyss never to return to New Zealand.

Assignments against Children are being broken and released. Pastors are putting on Spiritual glasses in NZ and the blindness is being removed and they will see the moving of the Holy Spirit. A Spirit of unity is being released and then exported from New Zealand into the Islands of the Sea. Waves of glory released! Commissioning of Eagles to go out from this place on waves of Glory!

Whirlwind over New Zealand ~Gaint whirlwind! Causing things to change very fast and Angels are working in the background preparing the Atmosphere. There’s a clash going on between the power of heaven and the power of darkness, there is victory on the horizon as we enter the latter half of 2005, Darkness is about to fall!

Rivers of strength are being released over the weary in battle, a river of strength and a river of life! A release of Miracles! of signs and of wonders.

Michael the Arch Angel is standing in New Zealand with his sword drawn high to cut off the heads of the leviathan over New Zealand. Victory for New Zealand is on the Horizon!! A place of refuge, A place of revival. A place of breakthrough, this is the hour for New Zealand and for the south Pacific, As the Earth shakes and strongholds fall, God’s Eagles are rising! NZ is going to be used to do a mighty work in the earth, As things shake a wind of destiny is blowing, New Zealand this is your hour your time, Walk into your destiny.

This message is a transcript of the prophetic meeting held in Papatoetoe Town Hall 31st May 2005. Please Aknowledge the source (Timothy Snodgrass) when you pass it on.

A DVD of this meeting is available from Papatoetoe Elim Church
PO Box 76-540

By Timothy Snodgrass From the Philippines
31st May 2005 Papatoetoe Town Hall New Zealand

Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland New Zealand. Along with His wife Joye they minister encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.Ian Johnson is a conference & Prophetic speaker, Author and Prophetic leader. With his wife Joye they are founders and directors of His Amazing Glory Ministries based in Auckland New Zealand. Ian & Joye have been pioneers and leaders of Churches in Auckland for over 25 years and itinerant since 2007 ministering in NZ, Australia & the Nations. They take regular tours to Israel as part of their ministry.Ian & Joye are committed members and part of the leadership team at Horizon Church in Auckland NZ

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