July 25, 2017

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Your reward is at hand

By IAN JOHNSON – [email protected]


New Zealand & Australia are coming into a season of abundant rain and the dry ground will bring forth its fruit. The reward of the Lord is in His hand and is being released to you in a season of abundant rain. This reward is not measured in terms of wealth or the honour of man but by salvation & Gods glory will be revealed. This glory you will be able to offer back to Him as a pure and sweet offering. Even in the face of enemy attacks the twin nations of Aust & NZ will learn to worship in the time of abundant rain. The attacks of the enemy will be pushed back by the protection of the Lords wings as we learn to worship in a time of abundant rain. Australia & New Zealand  my Twin servants you are about to enter into your reward. You are have carried willingly the burden of the Lord in hard desert seasons and I have clothed you in the robes of righteousness of the Son. The desert & wilderness is about to bloom. I am a God who never forgets to reward those who carry my name in times of trials and war. Aust & NZ twice you have repelled the enemy on behalf of my people Israel and your reward is at hand. The reward of the Lord is salvation and because you have not sort possession or reward for your tasks I will clothe your twin nations with glory. The glory of the Lord is about to be seen in the land and His name will be known in all the earth because of what I am about to do. Nations will gather to see what I am about to do in the twin lands.Fear not the battle yet rages around you but glory is the outcome and the name of the Lord is your reward.

 How this word came.

 I need to cover a bit of history first bear with me to help you understand the significants of the 31st Oct 1917  and also the battle of El Alamein July – November 1942 that Aust & NZ both fought and lost men in in order to see Israel become a nation in the Lords timetable. Ive just returned from Israel and as normal have made a pilgrimage of sorts eacvh year to Beersheba in the Negev desert. Beersheba has alot of biblical connections, it was in fact the centre of patriarcial life. he well at Tel Beersheba is dated back to the 12th century BC and if the dates are correct then the well is the one that Abraham & Abimelech made their oath (Gen 21:25-33) Hence the name of the place as Beersheba means the well of Oath. Gen 22 says Abraham lived at Beersheba, Gen 26 says Isaac built an altar there and it was here in Gen 46 that Jacob recieved his intructions from God to go to Egypt. It was at Beersheba that Elijah took refuge from Ahab. In biblical terms Israels was often refered to as from Dan to Beersheba… So in that sence its the southern gate of Israel. Its significants has always been water and it seems that beersheba has provided water to herds and people since at least the 12th century BC

The reason we go there is because it has Australian & New Zealand significants. On 31st October 1917 the ANZAC forces took Beersheba. Tel El Saba (The site of ancient Beersheba) was the objective of .the New Zealand Mounted Rifles being made up of the NZ Mounted brigades the Waikato mounted rifles & Caterbury mounted divisions. Tel El Saba had clear sight of the plain that the remaining mounted forces  of the 1st & 4th Australian light and remaining ANZAC mounted divisions needed to cross in order to take  the Turkish positions around Beersheba and the water. The problem was Tel El Saba had such a reinforced machine gun and artillery battery that it made it impossible to get across the plains to modern Beersheba. The New Zealand brigade began its assult on Tel El Saba at 9:10am on the 31st Oct 1917 by 11am they were under heavy fire and further reinforcements from the Auckland Mounted rifles and the 1st Australian light horse were sent in by General Chaytor. by 2:40pm  2nd Lieutenant Ernest Picot had led the capture of the Turkish machine gun encampment, these  guns they turned around and started using against the Turks, twenty minutes later the Aucklands reinforced by the Waikato and the 1st Australian light horse unit had taken Tel El Saba taking nearly 200 Turkish prisoners. It wasnt over yet and enemy aircraft & artillery bombed and shelled the Tel for nearly two hours solid. This is where most of the New Zealanders were killed. The capture of Tel El Saba removed the main enemy position dominating the Eastern Approach to modern Beersheba. The day was almost spent and most of the water of Beersheba was still in Turkish hands. General Chauvel made a call to send the 4th Australian light horse followed by the 5th & 7th  ANZAC mounted brigades across the 3km plain to take Beersheba just on sunset. This is the now famous charge of Beersheba. There was to be an ANZAC victory before the day was spent. The charge across the plains was now possible because  the main battery at Tel El Saba was in ANZAC hands. Now came the charge “It was an amazing sight, line upon line of thundering horses moving forward” ( From the Dairy of James McCarroll) By 6pm Beersheba had fallen to the ANZAC forces. The Turks surrendered and the speed at which the ANZAC units took Beersheba prevented the German engineers from blowing up the wells. Why was this battle so important? because whoever controlled the water of Beersheba controled the region. by the 17th December Jerusalem had fallen having been in the hands of the Turkish Ottoman empire since 31st Oct 1514.

The ANZACs possessed Beersheba for the Lord and the Lord never forgets…

I started going to Beersheba & Tel El Saba in 2009 and that year the ground was just desert, barren & dry  we prayed at the well of Oath and blew Shofars across the desert plain where the ANZAC’s had charged 92 years before.ANZACs standing in agreement with heaven to see the job finished.  The most amazing thing occured as we Blew Shofars and proclaimed the favour of the Lord again Dust began to blow as if invisible horses and riders were stirring the ground again in a charge. It was very unusual. We were all moved by the experiance.

In 2010 I returned with another group of 34 ANZACs and we prayed and blew Shofars something had happened it had rained in the desert and  the ground was showing signs of life. The from nowhere two white Donkeys appeared and watched from a distance.. The first signs of life in what was a desert. Two donkeys represent our two nations as servants of the Lord and the fact that they were white represented the purity of the Lord..

In 2011 we again returned with 15 ANZACs & prayed and blew Shofars at Tel El Saba this time there was a flash like lightning and the heavens opened over us. Some in the team fell to the ground under the weight of the glory of God. This time the ground was no longer desert but there was long lush green as far as you could see. The week before we were at Beersheba this year a School bus was hit by a rocket from Gaza. A few days after we were there Israel activated their Dome of protection a sofisticated umbrella to stop rockets hitting their target. In the days following Gaza sent 106 rockets into the south of Israel and not one hit a target.

Whats the deal? well I see Tel El Saba as being part of NZ & Aust because of the blessings of God and his promise to Abraham in Gen 12 & because of the blood that cries out from the ground of our men. On Feb 22nd Beersheba came under enemy fire with rockets coming in from Gaza and on Feb 22nd Christchurch suffered its 6.3 earthquake. Beersheba was shaken at the same time. Now the Dome is in place the enemy will still attack but the wings of the Lord are now in place.

Secondly the battle of El Alamein in Egypt in 1942 turned the Axis powers around and drove them out of Egypt which stopped their actual intention of taking Israel (or British Palistine as it was then.) ANZACs won that battle at a huge cost of life and saved Israel & the 500,000 Jews living there in 1942.

Isaiah 19 speaks about Egypt in the last days being an allie of Israel and the Lord is at work right now to bring Isa 19 to pass. The work begun by ANZACs in 1917 & 1942 is about to see its full fruitfulness.

ANZAC DAY 2011 – 25th April  – I want to honour the men & women brave ANZAC’s who fought and especially those who paid with their lives 1914-1918 & 1939 -1945. You will always be remembered and your blood will be vindicated.

Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland New Zealand. Along with His wife Joye they minister encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.Ian Johnson is a conference & Prophetic speaker, Author and Prophetic leader. With his wife Joye they are founders and directors of His Amazing Glory Ministries based in Auckland New Zealand. Ian & Joye have been pioneers and leaders of Churches in Auckland for over 25 years and itinerant since 2007 ministering in NZ, Australia & the Nations. They take regular tours to Israel as part of their ministry.Ian & Joye are committed members and part of the leadership team at Horizon Church in Auckland NZ

Ian Johnson

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