June 27, 2017


A short time ago in a vision a friend began to see the Hebrew letters Hei & Yod in a Horizon Church meeting.

The letter Hei represents a window/door and has a numerical value of 5. The letter Yod represents the open hand of God and is the letter that holds most sentences together.

The vision represents a door/window open over NZ and is especially exciting to me. Especially as the letters my friend saw in the meeting represent two thirds of the name of God Yod י Heyה Vah ו Hey ה… that the Hey settled over the front of the Church as a door of grace ה wow..

Rabbi’s suggests that the letter Hei represents a symbol of Kingship/leadership they also suggests that this was the symbol over Joseph’s life with out the Yod in his early years and that’s why his brothers didn’t recognize him.. He had the mantle but not the mark. The Lord opened the eyes of his brothers on their second visit to see the Yod over Joseph’s life. In the Yod is the seed of the tree of Life (which to us represents Yeshua) Joseph went from leader on his brothers first visit to honoured leader because of the Mark (Yod) on the second)… The vision in the Church saw both letters – Its like the mantle over NZ and the nation has been recognized in the Spirit. The Yod was inside the Hey………. 🙂

Reminds me of the road to Emmaus “Didn’t our hearts burn with in us?” they felt something they even saw something but it wasn’t until the mark of God was revealed on Jesus that they recognised him… that’s what’s just happened in our nation.

Perhaps in your own life you have known the call of God, its sits as a mantel over you. The mark of God ( The Yod) is about to be placed on you in the weeks to come and the nation will never be the same. Your frustration at not being recognized or remembered is like Joseph’s. But when the Mark o God came on Him he began to rule with all the authority of the King. New Zealand you are about to enter the same mark ( The Yod) and you will be remembered.

In Two weeks the Mark will be in the land in two months it will be seen.

Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland New Zealand. Along with His wife Joye they minister encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.Ian Johnson is a conference & Prophetic speaker, Author and Prophetic leader. With his wife Joye they are founders and directors of His Amazing Glory Ministries based in Auckland New Zealand. Ian & Joye have been pioneers and leaders of Churches in Auckland for over 25 years and itinerant since 2007 ministering in NZ, Australia & the Nations. They take regular tours to Israel as part of their ministry.Ian & Joye are committed members and part of the leadership team at Horizon Church in Auckland NZ

Ian Johnson

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