June 27, 2017

There are a few nations that are earmarked for this end time move of God.

Nations such as India, Australia, Hawaii, Korea, Israel, Jordon and Spain/Portugal I like to call these nations trigger nations. Revival in these nations will have a major effect on the rest of the world. Geographically New Zealand is as far south as you can get from Jerusalem, officially making the Islands of NZ the biblical, The Ends of the Earth” So it can be considered among the first of the Trigger nations!

In 1917 Australian & NZ mounted troops brought liberation to Jerusalem after 800 years of Muslim oppression , this led to the formation of the State of Israel 30 years later and the restoration of the whole of Jerusalem back into Jewish hands in the 1967 war. After 40 years of teasting, there are the sounds of new beginnings in Jerusalem, The ends of the Earth are again being called to bring spiritual liberation.

Isaiah 55:10-11

10 For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: 11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Consider this word carefully; God will fulfill all his purpose for the earth. Remember that in the book of Peter it says “God is willing that none should perish” This is His heart for mankind.
Many are suggesting that we need to re-dig the old wells of revival. The Welsh revival, The Azusa street revival, names such as Finney and Wesley are being quoted, and I agree that we need the fire released in these revivals back in the Church. But many are overlooking a revival, Its the Jerusalem revival! Of Acts 2 & Acts 4. Something started there in Jerusalem around 33AD and has been spreading out across the earth for almost 2000 years. As ripples span out from a stone dropped into the calm pond in ever widening circles, so the revival of 33AD has been fanning out from Jerusalem taking entire nations in its path. This path of national revival has not yet totally been seen in New Zealand
We didn’t receive the gospel in our shores until 1814, and to all intent and purpose we have never seen national revival in this land. Could it be that when we do, it will signal the return of the gospel from the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem?

Romans 10 & 11 make it clear that Israel for a time have been in a slumber. And for the sake of the gentiles their rejection has meant life and salvation!
Romans 11:13-15 says that their (The Jews) acceptance back into their rightful place will be life from the dead. The devil hates New Zealand for that reason; revival here in this land will release the gospel back from the ends of the earth, not in the anointing of Elijah but in the anointing of Elisha! Double portion anointing, The former and latter rains together. For in New Zealand we hold a key to the double portion glory!

The former rains (Israel) and the Latter Rains (From the Trigger nations) Coming together in unity for the first time since the Church was almost entirely Jewish in 33AD.
The Church needs to see the job done. Its time right now! We are living in the last days of the last days, The year Jesus was born was a Jubilee year. A time of release, a time of cancellation of debts. We don’t know exactly what year he was born but we do know that it was approx 4-2BC because of Lukes description of Roman rulers at the time of his birth. Therefore there would have been 40 Jubilees from the time of his birth to approx 1998 or 99. 40 speaks of testing and it is the time of trials. Israel 40 years in the wilderness. Jesus fasted for 40 days, It rained for 40 days & 40 nights during the flood etc. So if the time of testing is in multiples of 40 and there have been 40 Jubilees since Jesus was born have we now entered a NEW GLORY?. The age of acceptance of Israel into her rightful place. INTO RESSURECTION GLORY And the preparation of the bride for the return of the King! I believe the Lord started to signal this change in 1998/99 when the Gold & silver and exceptional signs and wonders started to manifest in the earth in what has become known as the glory revival. At the same time an increase in the number of Jews receiving Yeshua as messiah.

So where is this leading.
Pray for the salvation of Israel it is the release of resurrection glory.
Pray for New Zealand (The ends of the earth) that she will release the Elisha glory all the way back to Jerusalem. And all the Trigger nations that will ripple back to Jerusalem.
If we have a glory revival in Israel (The centre of the earth) and NZ ( the Ends of the earth) at the same time and these two glories mix this will be the former (Jerusalem revival 33AD) and latter rains together. The flow of ministries between the two will bring worldwide Glory explosions! The old wells will spring forth again. Nations the Apostles visited will again spring to life.

I hope this makes sense to you, if not commit it to prayer. I believe that the time of testing is over for Israel and the prodigal son New Zealand must return to his father’s house
New Zealand is a Nation saved for an end time revival!

Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland New Zealand. Along with His wife Joye they minister encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.Ian Johnson is a conference & Prophetic speaker, Author and Prophetic leader. With his wife Joye they are founders and directors of His Amazing Glory Ministries based in Auckland New Zealand. Ian & Joye have been pioneers and leaders of Churches in Auckland for over 25 years and itinerant since 2007 ministering in NZ, Australia & the Nations. They take regular tours to Israel as part of their ministry.Ian & Joye are committed members and part of the leadership team at Horizon Church in Auckland NZ

Ian Johnson

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    December 30, 2016

    Great article. However Aotearoa has had a national revival but because it’s not recorded in the Pakeha history of revival it’s often passed over. From 1814 until 1840 the majority population of Aotearoa was Maori and a majority of them had turned to Christ! As a result centuries of tribal wars, cannobolism, child sacrifice, witchcraft, (sins of the Canaanite) were abolished because of new found faith in Christ. This move of God also resulted in social and economic transformation which saw Maori trade with Australia and even as far away as the Carribian. This revival was aborted not long after the settler government violated the treaty which Maori chiefs signed in the belief that it was a covenant between them, the crown and God. Therefore, it depends what side of history one looks from to say NZ has never had a national revival. Kia Ora.