July 25, 2017

We left our accomidation at Tiberius this morning and headed north stopping at the mount of Beauitudes on the high slopes of the northern shores of Galilee. its a beautiful spot and close to all the towns of the Galilee in the time of Jesus. We read Matthew 5 and it was like sitting there with the master himself.

We made a brief stop at the shores of the sea of Galilee to pray for rain in Israel and to stand and anoint the ground at what was the high water mark many years ago then down to the current level. The good news is that at 6 last night it started to rain and it rained until about 6 this morning. very good rain but they are going to need alot of that to make a difference

We went north climbing higher as we went and we had the most exciting encounter.The birds which migrate to Africa from Europe in the winter were returning home and the sky was black with thousands & thounsands of birds. I am so greatful to the Lord to have witnessed such a thing.

After traveling through the hill country of Naphtali we arrived at Kibbutz Misgav Amin  right on the Lebenese border. in fact its a little finger of land that runs into Lebenon which means its got Hizbullah forces on three sides. The UN have a supposed buffer which is supposed to be a no go zone for Hizbullah but they are doing nothing to stop Hizbullah building right up to the border and flying the yellow Hizballah flag flying them in the UN’s face. I always take our tours to this place just to see for themselves that what the press publish in NZ is rubbish. The Kibbutz here is like a beacon of light in a very dark world and has been there since 1930,s during the British mandate.

From Misgav Am we traveled back through the beautiful Naphtali high country with amazing views of the Hula valley which was drained from swamps by the Jewish people around 1912-1920. it was purchased from the locals at extreamley inflated prices and the locals thought the Jews mad. but they turned the Hula valley into some of the most fertile farming land in Israel.

We arrived at Tel Dan which is a place of very interesting history and for mor information on the significants of it you mightr like to go to my ministry web-site and look for the article entitled Borders & gates www.hisamazinggloryministries.org  We prayed alot here

Our final stop for the afternoon was Ha Hula wildlife reserve which is the place the  birds who migrate from europe to africa stop off  briefly on their way to and from their winter homes. Its an internationally significant site. I find it amazing that all the migrating birds of Europe stop in Israel to pay respect to their maker and to His land Israel.

Our accomidation tonight has been Mishav Ramon on the golan Heights overlooking the sea of Galilee its simply beautiful.


Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland New Zealand. Along with His wife Joye they minister encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.Ian Johnson is a conference & Prophetic speaker, Author and Prophetic leader. With his wife Joye they are founders and directors of His Amazing Glory Ministries based in Auckland New Zealand. Ian & Joye have been pioneers and leaders of Churches in Auckland for over 25 years and itinerant since 2007 ministering in NZ, Australia & the Nations. They take regular tours to Israel as part of their ministry.Ian & Joye are committed members and part of the leadership team at Horizon Church in Auckland NZ

Ian Johnson

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